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Growth Marketing Examined 🔍


Growth Marketing Examined 🔍

Alex Garcia

Case Studies That Make Growth...Inevitable

Every other Monday, I take your growth marketing question and write a deep-dive case study with actionable examples, insights, and implementable strategies.

For example, let's pretend you're trying to crack the code on TikTok ads...

So, you submit your question.

Here's where I come in.

I will interview world-class marketers, media buyers, crank out research, and run multiple tests and come back two weeks later with a full-blown case study to guide you.

And then we continue to discuss during office hours or within our Slack community.

Think Of This As Physical Therapy For Your Growth Marketing Sprain

How do these case studies drive results?

Just like physical therapy has five essential elements that take an individual from injury to performance-ready, each case study will do the same.

Every edition focuses on 5 elements:

🔍 Examination - I'll examine the history, outcomes, and current growth efforts.

📋 Evaluation - Determine how to evaluate leaking buckets, plateaus, and challenges.

🩺 Diagnosis - Pinpoint the roadblocks.

📈 Prognosis - Strategize for success.

🚀 Intervention - And provide you with a detailed roadmap to drive results.

It's what I'd do, why I'd do it, how I'd do it, and the tools to make it happen.

Written As If I Was Working Hands-On With Your Growth Team

These are your questions, challenges, and plateaus getting dissected and fixed as if I was hands-on with your growth team. Meaning, practicality is everything. You'll be able to read a case study one minute and start implementing the next.

A clear strategy.

With clear steps.

For real growth.

Is This For You?

Growth Marketing Examined is for three types of individuals:

  1. Founders - Who are trying to maximize every marketing dollar they spend and grow at all costs.
  2. Marketers - Who want to be the best at their job, continuously sharpen their skills and help their startup scale.
  3. Creators - Who are looking to ditch the "starving artist" stigma and use the same strategies and tactics businesses use to grow empires.

You'll Get Instant Acess To:

  • Every past case study
  • Our private Slack community
  • Me :)

Think of each case study as an all-action guide to take you from ideation to execution to results.

Written By A Guy Obsessed With Growth Marketing And Helping Brands Connect With Good People

Six years ago growth marketing and I became homies. And since, a lot has happened. I grew a performance-based ad agency that started locally here in Austin, TX, and expanded to work with brands like ONNIT.

Two and a half years in, I called it quits.

Simply, the agency life wasn't for me.

I love media.

I love people.

And I love connecting the two through growth marketing.

So, I joined the growth team at The Hustle (one of the top business newsletters with 1.5M readers) to dive deep into the depths of a successful media company.

There, I helped scale The Hustle's Daily Newsletter, Trends, and My First Million. We were then later acquired by HubSpot.

During my time at The Hustle, I started Marketing Examined. A free newsletter focused on optimizing my subscriber's growth marketing efforts. In less than 6 months, my Marketing Examined fam has grown to 25K+ founders, marketers, and creators.

Which blows my mind and excites me like crazy!

So, I left The Hustle to grow my own media company.

And shortly after, joined part-time at Gumroad as the Co-Head Of Marketing to fund my life and business.

AND also, to help scale a company that helps people like me (creators) generate an income based on their passions.

As for now, launching Growth Marketing Examined is the next step to scale Marketing Examined and help you and people like you optimize their growth marketing efforts and dollars.

Making me happy as I get to create great content, that helps great brands connect with great people, resulting in those people building great businesses.

If that's something that you want to be part of, then I can't wait to connect and grow.

Much love,

Alex Garcia 🔍


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